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AERcast™ Drone Photography offers aerial photography, real estate photography, video production, and Internet marketing services in the Montgomery River Region, Alabama, and west Georgia.

We’re located in Montgomery, Alabama.

UAV Drone Animation rotors turning

What’s All The Buzz About?

Our Sky-high Service Area!

We don’t like to drone on about our aerial photography coverage area. But when you need us, we’re UP for it!

We’re available along the I-65 corridor between Birmingham, Alabama and the River Region area, including the cities of Pelham, Clanton, and Prattville. In central Alabama, look “us” up in Auburn, Pike Road, Wetumpka, Millbrook, and Troy.

We’re all the buzz in the Lake Martin communities above Alex City, Dadeville, and Tallassee. When things are looking up, you’ll spot our UAV taking flight over the west Georgia towns of Columbus, West Point, and Pine Mountain.

Otherwise, you might find us getting high somewhere between the end of the road and the middle of nowhere. Over and out!

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“A picture may be worth a thousand words, but our aerial views will leave you speechless!”


Click the Play Video button (above) to see our UAV in action! (40-second video animation)


What is a Drone?

In our case, it’s not a male honeybee or a low, monotonous humming sound.

Although the AERcast™ drone exhibits similar behaviors to a bee (and sounds like one as well), we’re referring to a type of “technology.”

Drone Technology

  • Are you unfamiliar with drone camera technology?
  • Ever heard of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or UAV for short)?

Here’s the short answer as defined by Wikipedia:

“An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.”

Source: Wikipedia, “Unmanned aerial vehicle »”

Ground view of UAV Drone descending from flight
Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s AERcast™!


Advantages of Drone Services

Our drone, or UAV, offers several benefits for our customers, including:

  • Reduced Costs
    • Instead of hiring a service provider who uses a full size, fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter, our UAV weighs only a few pounds. This makes it cheaper to own and maintain and allows us to pass the savings on to you!
    • “Traditional,” full-size aircraft require a human pilot in the cockpit. Our UAV is controlled remotely, significantly reducing our operating and liability costs.
  • Fast Deployment
    • AERcast™ can be onsite, setup, airborne, and collecting aerial data before the “other” guys have left the hanger.
  • Quick Project Turnaround
    • Our UAV is tightly integrated with a hand held device (e.g., smartphone). The live video stream from our drone camera provides real time visual assessments, making it quick and easy to preview, edit, and share footage wherever needed.
  • Previously Unavailable Opportunities
    • Because we’re able to access hard to reach places, we can provide services previously unavailable at any cost.

Our UAV dramatically reduces both the time and expense of your project, enabling AERcast™ to offer services at a fraction of the cost charged by “traditional” providers.

Aerial Photography Services


Remote Controlled Aerial Camera
We Look Down on Our Clients! But only in the “figurative” sense. 🙂

Our experienced team utilizes cutting-edge radio controlled drone technology to produce unique and cinematic-quality digital content.

Industries We Serve

While drone technology is really cool stuff, AERcast™ places more value on what it has to offer in the way of aerial photography, videography, and marketing.

Our state-of-the-art aerial drone can capture amazing still photographs and breathtaking video footage for a variety of occasions, venues, and industries.

Examples include outdoor weddings, sporting events, aerial surveys and inspections, online marketing, real estate promotion, forensic investigations, and many other public, private, and commercial projects.

Our Aerial Photography services are available throughout Alabama and areas in western Georgia.

UAV Service Area

Areas Served
Birmingham, AL
Huntsville, AL
Montgomery, AL
Auburn, AL
Pike Road, AL
Lake Martin
Alexander City, AL
Columbus, GA
Pine Mountain, GA

Types of Aerial Photography


We can chronicle your special event or provide valuable support services for a wide range of industries.

Commercial Photography Services

Event Photography
Sports and Recreation
Landscape Photography
Images of panoramic views
Real Estate Photography
Property inspection for roof, chimney, siding, brick, and other structural damage
Architectural Photography
Exterior and interior perspectives of large buildings
Aerial Surveys
Data capture of information not visible from the ground
Property boundaries and topography
Construction sites
Structural and engineering inspection of bridges, cell and TV towers, wind turbines, power lines, pipelines, solar panels, and rooftops
Documentary Photography
“Before and After” time-lapse photography
Forensic Photography
Documentation for traffic collisions and road design/conditions

We capture motion images in ways not seen at ground level, and offer post-production video editing, visual special effects, soundtrack integration, and voiceover narration.

Aerial Videography Services

Promotional Video
Local Business
Theme Parks
Golf Courses
Fitness Centers
Apartment Complexes
Event Videography
Athletic competitions
Dance competitions
Wedding Videography
Outdoor weddings and receptions

Did we leave anything out?

Let us know what you need! We’re UP for the challenge!

Benefits of UAV Photography


What can our UAV accomplish?

Our “quadcopter” (a fancy name for vehicles propelled by four rotors) is versatile enough to hover 4-feet above ground or soar like a bird overhead.

This enables us to flyover, flypast, or maneuver around virtually any obstacle or barrier.

With our stable camera-equipped drone, we can acquire crisp and clear images and video from otherwise unreachable heights.

Our radio remote controlled UAV captures perspective views from nearly any angle.

Quadcopter Drone with 4 rotors
♪ I, Can Fly, Like a Bird in the Sky! ♬

Also, we can navigate from room-to-room INSIDE a building or structure, or record a face-to-face interview!

How’s that for versatility?

Aerial Services Portfolio


Below are examples of our data capture and video editing services provided for our clients in and around the Montgomery area.

For all of your aerial photography, drone videography, video production, and Internet marketing needs, contact the professionals at AERcast Drone Photography.


Drone Photography

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