Kyle Murchison



Certified Remote Pilot

The AERcast™ drone is piloted by Kyle Murchison.

We can always count on Kyle to get our drone off the ground, maneuver it meticulously and responsibly, and capture the neccessary aerial data with a high degree of precision.

Kyle is available for a variety of aerial services:

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Kyle Murchison, FAA Certified Remote Pilot

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Once Kyle is satisfied with the fieldwork, he passes the footage over to Blake Grier, our video production specialist, for final processing.

Kyle’s UAV Credentials

FAA Certification

  • Certification: Remote Pilot
  • Certificate Number: 3931358
  • Rating: Small Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Date of Issue: 10/23/2016
  • Airmen Details Report: View PDF »
  • Issued by: Federal Aviation Administration

Airman Knowledge Test

  • Applicant ID: 11091999
  • Exam: Unmanned Aircraft – General (UAG)
  • Grade: Pass
  • Expiration Date: 10/31/2018
  • Administered byFAA

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AERcast™ Drone Photography is headquartered in Montgomery and offers services throughout Alabama including Birmingham and Auburn as well as communities in west Georgia near Columbus..