Aerial Photography Prices

AERcast drone preparing for flight

About Our Fees

At AERcast™, our goal is to ensure our clients get the exact value they pay for and receive high quality services and products at an affordable price.

Each project is unique and pricing will vary depending on the scope of your project. However, AERcast™ Drone Photography understands that potential clients want to know the cost of our services.

The following rates, fees, discount packages, and guidelines are intended to remove any mystery regarding our pricing structure in order to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

Our “core” service is aerial photography, but we perform a variety of additional tasks in order to complete and deliver a finished product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Because each project is different, certain projects require a lot more or less work than others.

Depending on your project requirements, an hourly rate may apply. However, we’ll do our best to quote a flat rate for our services when feasible.

Pricing for Drone Services

Our “Drone Services” (a.k.a. “data collection”) refer to the time and effort required to collect aerial data at your site.

Factors that affect this cost include travel time, setup, and time spent collecting aerial data (images and/or video).

Hourly Rate: $175*

Minimum Fee: $350 (hourly rate applies after first hour)

*In some cases, projects requiring extended periods of time onsite may be eligible for a reduced rate. For example, an outdoor event that requires us to be onsite for several hours. Contact AERcast™ for details.

Video Production & Editing Fees

For many projects, we spend more time in the editing phase (processing and revising your video) than the data collection phase (“Drone Services”).

Factors that contribute to this cost include the type and amount of customizations you request including:

  • Creation of specialty graphics/logos
  • Inclusion of still images provided by client
  • Music/audio background
  • Voice Over Narration
  • Number of revisions

Minimum Fee: $200 (includes 3 revisions)

Additional Revisions: $50 per revision

Internet Marketing Fees

Our Internet marketing services are totally optional, but highly recommended for some clients.

Our online marketing services are designed to complement your investment in our services. These services will:

  • Save you time
    • For example, we can create a customized, branded YouTube (and/or Vimeo) channel and upload your video(s)
  • Provide additional value
    • We can “optimize” your video to improve its “findability” in search results
  • Brand your business, products, and services
    • We can create logos for use on your website, business and social media sites, and for print purposes (business cards and letterheads)
  • Improve your overall online presence
    • We setup and customize “starter” websites, business directory listings, and social media sites

Website Development Prices

If you don’t already have a website, AERcast™ can develop one for you.

We offer two types of websites:

  1. “One Pager” Website: $150 (one-time fee)
  2. WordPress Website: $350 (one-time fee)
One Pager/Starter Site

“One Pager” websites are for those on a tight budget and include:

  • Logo upload (client must provide suitable logo or purchase one from us)
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Hours of operation
  • Three (3) images
  • Business Description
  • List of products and services
  • Free domain name (upgrade to custom domain available)
  • Free web hosting

These websites are hosted by Google. To see a “live” version, click here ».

WordPress Website

WordPress websites are excellent “brochure” sites AND can be easily updated and expanded to grow with your business.

WordPress websites include all of the features listed for the “One Pager” site*, PLUS all of the following:

  • Five (5) pages
    • Homepage
    • About page (for your business history and/or staff)
    • Services page
    • Contact page (with online Lead Form accessible 24/7)
    • You choose the page, for example:
      • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page
      • Downloads page
      • Resources page
      • Photo gallery page
  • Ten (10) images
  • Full-featured blogging capabilities (optional, can be enabled at a later date)
  • Links to existing social media sites
  • Free custom domain name included with purchase of web hosting*
  • and more…

Please note: WordPress sites do NOT include e-Commerce.

*Cost of Web Hosting is the responsibility of client (price ranges from free to $80 per year)

**For larger, more complex web projects, we recommend Bizeeo Marketing Agency (they built our site).

Google My Business (GMB) Profiles

Having your business listed on Google Maps is just as important, if not more so, as having a website.

Not sure what a GMB profile looks like?

Here’s our profile on Google maps (with custom “Short Name”):

AERcast™ will create a new, or customize an existing, GMB Profile with Google.

This profile includes:

  • Your business logo
  • Cover image
  • Updated address and phone number
  • Updated hours of operation
  • Updated business categories
  • Business description
  • Link to your website

Price: $120

Business Directory Submission Fees

We will also submit, customize, and optimize your business profile with the following directories:

  • Yelp
  • Manta
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yellow Pages

Price: $25 per directory

We also customize business and professional profiles on specialty directories, including:

Price: Contact AERcast™

Video Channels

Price: $50 per channel

After we create your aerial video, we can upload it to your your custom channel.

Social Media Networks

We can create and customize your favorite social media sites, including:

  • FaceBook
  • To view the AERcast Facebook page, click here ».
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Price: $25 per social network

Image Sharing

We will create customized image sharing sites like:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Flickr

Price: $15 per site

Discount Packages

Save money by purchasing multiple services.

Alpha Package

  • GMB profile
  • YouTube Channel

Price: $150

Bravo Package

  • One Pager/Starter website
  • GMB profile listing
  • YouTube Channel

Price: $250

Charlie Package

  • WordPress site (6 pages)
    • Home
    • About
    • Services
    • FAQ
    • Blog (optional page that can be enabled at a later date)
    • Contact Us (with Lead Capture form)
  • GMB profile listing
  • YouTube Channel

Price: $450

Delta Package

Under development…

Echo Package

Under development…

Domain Registration

What’s a domain name?

All websites have at least 1 domain name (also called the “Primary” domain).

The domain for this website is:

Domains are part of the unique “web address,” or URL, of a website.

Here’s what ours looks like: (Note: Domains are NOT case sensitive)

Domain names are found in your web browser “address bar” as illustrated in Figure 1 below.

When typing a domain, all characters prior to the

Domain name in web address bar
Figure 1

Domain Registration Fees

Approximately $10 per year to reserve.

We recommend NameCheap for domain registration. (Please note: AERcast does NOT earn any commission from NameCheap.)

To search for available domains, click here ».

We will reserve your domain(s) on your behalf and register them in your name to avoid any ownership issues in the future.

Domain Setup Fees


We will connect your custom domain name with your website at no charge.

If you need additional domains, we will setup those as well.

How can I benefit from an additional domain? Good question!

When you own more than one domain that points to the same website, these additional domains are sometimes referred to as “Secondary” domains (as opposed to “Primary”).

Depending on their purpose, “Secondary” domains are also referred to as:

  • Word-of-mouth domains (typically easier to verbally share)
    • Example: You can optionally access THIS site by typing, or clicking on,
    • Note: clicking the above link will open our homepage in a new browser window.
  • Vanity domains (see what Wikipedia has to say by clicking here »
    • Example: If your name is John Jackson and you’d like to offer another method for people to find your business online, you would reserve:
      • (sorry, it’s NOT available)
      • Point (or “direct”) it to your business website
      • Share it verbally with others
      • Display it on your printed business card

Logo/Graphic Design Fees

AERcast™ can design a new logo from scratch or adapt your existing logo for use on your website, business listings, social media pages, YouTube channel, and more!

Price: $75 per logo

Video SEO Pricing

Price: $75 per video

Contact AERcast™ for details.

Business Card Pricing

Includes your business logo and website URL.

Price: $50 per 500 cards

Letterhead Design

Includes logo, business address, and contact information.

Price: $20

Data Aggregator Submission Cost


  • Factual
  • Localeze
  • ExpressUpdate
  • Acxiom

Price: $100 (includes all four)

Contact AERcast™ for details.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Contact AERcast™ for details.