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When it comes to the real estate market in Montgomery and central Alabama, AERcast Drone Photography offers a new point of view!

One of the most challenging types of businesses to market today is real estate.

This is because there’s brutal competition, especially when you’re generating leads. You really need to get online and make your business stand out since this is where everyone starts their search for a realtor.

Airborne Cameras Have Changed Real Estate Promotion

Aerial Real Estate Video Montgomery Alabama
Aerial video “snapshot” of residential properties in Pike Road, Alabama (photo by AERcast Drone Photography)

Using drones to create high-quality photographs and videos for your listings helps differentiate your property listings from your competition, which will ultimately pay off in huge dividends.

Quoted in How Drones Are Transforming The Way You Shop For Real Estate, Tom Salomone, former president of the National Association of Realtors, had this to say:

Drone technology offers a tremendous opportunity for the business of real estate and the broader economy. That’s why NAR continues to support the integration of drones into the National Airspace and a regulatory landscape that allows for the responsible commercial use of drones.

The Sky’s the Limit for Boosting Property Appeal

Some agents will even go so far as to say that drones are the most important new technology since the internet.

This is because you can use them to produce dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes and seamless fly-arounds of gorgeous home exteriors.

You can also take unimaginable photographs of homes like flying 2 feet above the driveway quickly up to the front door. Indoor tours are also possible – providing flowing, whole-house motion tours in ultra HD that rival what you’d see in a Hollywood movie.

How Drones Benefit Real Estate Marketing

UAV panoramic view Montgomery metro area real estate development
Our UAV’s panoramic view of real estate development in the Montgomery metro area (video by AERcast Drone Photography)

There are several ways in which realtors and brokers benefit from using the photos drones take in their marketing.

Breathtaking Views

You can easily create more dramatic, compelling images that look incredibly professional.

These will provide your buyers with a sense of awe and interest – incomparable to anything offered by ground-based photography.

Virtual Tours

You can create a lot of interesting virtual tours.

This is because a drone can fly through your home’s front door, travel through each room, and create a more natural virtual tour than you could ever hope to deliver with stationary photography.

When you combine this with a professional voice-over sound track you’ve created a beautiful visual story for the property.

Indoor residential real estate photography
Buyers will really appreciate the rich information and history provided therein.

Show Off Your Best Features

You’re able to highlight more of the property’s features including:

  • Landscaping
  • Pools
  • Walking paths
  • Backyards
  • Nearby parks and amenities
  • Neighborhood schools

The Value of Aerial Photography

SOLDBYAIR LLC, a provider of online networking and productivity tools for drone operators, sponsored a study to determine the value of aerial photography services in the real estate industry.

Key findings are as follows:

aerial photography preferred by 83% of homesellers

83% of home sellers prefer an agent who uses drones.

aerial photography used more often by high volume real estate agents

High volume agents use aerials 3.5x more often than low volume agents.

In their website article Real Estate Drone Statistics, they further concluded:

The amount of high volume agents using aerial photography is very telling. It seems the best agents realize the value.

Statistics and infographics courtesy of SOLDBYAIR LLC. For further analysis and details about methodology, visit A Study of Drones in Real Estate.

Outmaneuver the Competition

Promote your properties and generate new business by outmaneuvering your competition, both literally and figuratively!

This is only “common sense” because everyone knows that when listings look better and provide more information, they sell better.

Affordable Real Estate Photography

You’ll save money shooting aerial photos with a drone in comparison to a helicopter.

It’s also easier to find a photographer to take the photos for you.

Hiring a Drone Photographer for Your Property

(Aerial videography, production, and editing by AERcast Drone Photography)

Now that you know why you need to include aerial photography in your real estate business today, it’s time to hire the right drone photographer.

When you’re looking to do this, there are some things you’ll need to discuss with your photographer.

Drone Qualifications

Is the UAV operator certified and licensed to pilot a drone?

Are client references readily available online or over the phone?

Do they have examples of stabilized video footage so you can see what you can expect from their final work?

Planning the Photo Shoot

They should collaborate with you to create a pre-shoot planning checklist so everyone is on the same “page” and knows what their ultimate goal is.

Make sure you get a price list for specific items of work like:

  • 60-second 4K aerial videos of a single family home
  • 15 high-quality still photographs taken both inside and outside of the home
  • One 30-second interior video

Look at the lead time and weather conditions (including wind conditions) to make sure that the shoot is possible.

Understand the monetary commitment you’re making in regard to any upfront deposit, as well as any fees associated with the cancellation and rescheduling policy.

Be sure all necessary paperwork is in place before the photo shoot is scheduled to occur so you’re in compliance with the laws where you live.

Put our Camera-mounted Drone to Work for You

There are many ways that drones can help you as a realtor today, including:

  • Property appraisals
  • Conducting home inspections
  • Documenting hurricane and fire damage
  • Monitoring land erosion
  • Documenting property lines
  • Visioning
  • Master planning

Regardless of your needs, our skilled team is here for you.

Put AERcast Drone Photography to work on your next project and see how the results can truly benefit your business!


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