AERcast Drone Photography, located in Montgomery, offers aerial drone photography and video production services for your outdoor wedding event.

Our services are available in the Montgomery River Region, throughout the state of Alabama, and portions of west Georgia.


UAV Photography & Videography for Weddings

Drone photography is growing in popularity.

This isn’t surprising when you consider the breathtaking shots they can capture.

Considering that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, these are exactly the type of photos you’ll want. They’ll help you remember this day for the rest of your life.

There are some things you need to considering when hiring a drone for your wedding event.

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Benefits of Aerial Video for Your Wedding

Drone photography isn’t a replacement for traditional wedding photography services, but we DO bring a whole new dimension to your wedding celebration.

To ensure we complement the work of other photographers you’ve hired, we’re happy to coordinate our activities so you receive the best coverage possible.

There are many benefits you can enjoy thanks to drone photography.

Some of the advantages you’ll appreciate include:

  • Drones can maneuver around obstacles better than a human photographer can.
  • Hand-held cameras and any noise they (or the photographer) make can adversely affect the quality of photos and video taken at close range.
  • Traditional wedding photography can also obstruct a wonderful view of the wedding itself. With drones you can easily maneuver your way around or above.
  • It’s easy to set up for a drone photography and videography shoot to get the views and images you want.
  • When you choose to have a drone at your wedding you’ll also enjoy many environmentally friendly features. For instance, you don’t have to worry about things like disturbing nature, carbon emissions, or noise pollution.
  • Using a drone is also much less expensive than aerial photography offered by fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.

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How to Choose the Right Drone Photographer for Your Wedding

Aerial wedding photography has become quite popular over the years because it can provide you with unique wedding images to carry with you for a lifetime.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of risks associated with traditional aerial photography prior to drone technology. The main concern with using this type of photography and videography at your wedding lies in finding the right drone operator to handle the job for you.

When you’re ready to hire a UAV pilot for your wedding, there are some things you should consider.

Avoid Low-quality Drones

A common mistake many people make is thinking all drone equipment is the same.

However, like any other technologies, there are many different drone types and brands. When a low-quality drone is used to capture footage from your wedding it probably won’t turn out as you’d expected.

Drone Safety Comes First

You need your drone providers to be thinking “safety first.”

While drones are much safer than traditional aerial photography and videography services, there are still some issues that may affect your wedding and your guests’ well-being.

With this in mind, you need to ask the drone company about the precautions they take to ensure everyone’s safety.

Drone Pilot Qualifications

Operating a drone is much different than playing with R/C cars and planes even though they both have similar controllers.

The main difference is that drone users need to have the skills and knowledge to be able to capture the right views of your wedding. This is why you can’t forget to check the drone user’s ability before hiring them to take photographs and videos for you.

Equally as important here is their ability to adapt to any unexpected incidents that could ruin the shots they’re attempting to capture for you.

Plan Ahead for the Photo Shoot

Always speak with the drone operator about the types of shots they can capture and what they can do to produce the best results.

It’s important to make sure that they can accommodate your needs before your wedding day arrives. While you may not be able to think of everything now, telling your drone operator basically what you want will help them be on the lookout for the best shots from your wedding.

Armed with this knowledge they can also avoid making critical mistakes as they attempt to meet your needs.

Wedding Photography with a Different View

Drone wedding photography and videography is no longer the wave of the future, it’s here today.

Your wedding is something you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life. With the videos and photographs that our drones capture, you’ll be able to remember every intimate detail.

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